As your organization grows bigger and richer, financial investigation or forensic accounting can be necessary to keep an eye on where money is moving to, where it comes from, and how it is currently be used.

Why you should need financial investigation services?

At CEBIA we know how to spot whether one of your employees or C-suites is not doing their job correctly, and drill down to root out any theft, money laundering, or embezzlement. If anyone is taking your money, we at CEBIA will help you recover that in no time.

Financial investigation services are also used to spot any kind of fraud, including those occurring during mergers and acquisitions, and to settle property claims and shareholder disputes.


How does a corporate financial investigation work?

Most financial investigation require the utmost precision both during the collection and analysis steps. We will start by collecting all the necessary financial documents such as bank account information, account records, computer databases and files, and more. Our investigators will only work on the document you want to disclose with us and will keep every information strictly confidential. We will not check anything unless we’ve got your explicit permission.

Once all the documents have been acquired, we will use advanced forensic strategies to spot any anomaly, find critical information, and follow the monetary flows. We will understand where money comes from, who handles it, and where it ultimately goes. And if something is wrong, you will be the first one to know.


Why should you choose CEBIA?

To successfully identify any instance of corruption, bribery, or financial fraud, a multipronged approach that spans across different specializations and geographies is needed. At CEBIA, we put together a team of skilled experts in forensic audits, data analytics, forensic accounting, and regulatory investigators that use the latest technologies to drill down to the very core of the issue.

Data will be collected with the utmost discretion and all analytical operations will be performed with minimum disruption. We will ensure that the company will continue operating during all the investigation process to isolate the damage and prevent any unnecessary reputational or financial risk.


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