While many organizations in Israel and around the globe have embraced the transition to cloud data storage, CEBIA was always at the forefront of the digital revolution.

With our extensive experience and highly trained data security experts, we can provide your business or organization with a wide range of leading cloud computing options that include state- of- the- art technology and IT experts who are at the top of their field.

What is Cloud Data Integration?

Today, data is often collected and stored on various cloud, on premises, and hybrid systems.

Cloud data integration combines the data that is accessed and utilized by separate systems. Those systems could include:

  • Public or private clouds
  • Cloud based data systems
  • Proprietary or on premises data collection and storage systems

The intent of integrated cloud data computing is to create unified data stores that can be accessed efficiently and transparently by high-level executives and IT professionals, as well as relevant applications needed to process or examine the data.

Both public and private systems can be integrated to create unified data stores.

The purpose of cloud computing and storage is to ease data access and make it available transparently and efficiently to all stakeholders and applications.

Even if an organization must integrate multiple cloud environments with legacy on premises systems, CEBIA is able to handle even the most challenging workload with minimum disruption.

We will set up all integrations and test them to verify that all data transfer occurs securely and efficiently, with no errors or security breaches.


Why should you choose CEBIA?

At CEBIA we can create and secure robust cloud infrastructures for a highly diverse portfolio of organizations – including pharmaceutical companies, industrial manufacturers, finance companies, higher education institutions, and more.

We combine cloud computing with integrative applications such as identity management platforms, ERP, and databases. Our services are always flexible and scalable enough to follow your organizations’ growing needs.


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