CEBIA is a multi-tasking, full-service providing Israeli Private Agency that is here to satisfy all your corporate needs.

We work with the most important, top-level corporations across the globe and provide a broad range of different corporate and business solutions.

CEBIA offers Business Intelligence & Investigation services, Business Market Research reports, Annual Polygraph Test, IT Solutions, Cyber Security and data protection, State Hi-Level Security consultancy and training programs, Executive Close Protection services.

In addition, we provide Private Corporate Aviation, Ground Transportation, and Confidential Courier services for enterprises and organizations of all sizes.

You won’t need to rely on different providers for your different needs anymore. Ask CEBIA: we have a custom-tailored answer for every single one of your questions.


Where does CEBIA Work?

CEBIA has its headquarters and main offices in Israel and has a longstanding experience in developing articulated solutions to complex problems for both private and public organizations. We offered our services to national governments, state authorities as well as corporations, organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Starting in our headquarters in Israel, we have rapidly extended our reach well beyond the Middle East. From Asia to Africa, South America, and Europe, today we provide our services literally in every continent in the world.


How does CEBIA operate?

At CEBIA, we always walk the extra mile. We do not just provide luxury services and solutions to the top players of the world. The hand-picked experts at CEBIA strive to improve the competitiveness of our clients by making them stand out among their rivals.

We will work side by side with your high-level C-suites to understand what’s the best approach to tackle all your business challenges. With the help of our renown professionals’ advice, you will increase your ability to make confident decisions by discovering all your strength and weaknesses.

You will make such giant steps towards your ultimate goal that you will have to recognize a time before CEBIA and after CEBIA. That’s how game-changing our intervention will be.


Why CEBIA can make the difference?

As a global-reach Israeli company, CEBIA has harnessed all the extraordinary experience of all its associates who have spearheaded some of the most revolutionary changes in their respective industries. We have accumulated all the know-how of some of the greatest innovators of every field in which we operate and are proud to offer all this knowledge to our clients.

From establishing some of the most robust and proved national security best practices in Israel, to the development of the most well-known strategies to protect our national tactical assets, CEBIA is at the forefront of digital and physical security at the air, ground and informatics level.

Today, we boast an amazing success rate that comes from harnessing the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technologies, hand-picked experts and investigators, and wide-ranging connections and informant network. Each and every member of our staff and personnel is chosen for his or her outstanding achievements on the field and is duly trained to hone their skills even further. And if that’s not enough, we have an extensive network of high-profile affiliate to support us at all times.


CEBIA – Corporate & Government Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

CEBIA and its partners integrated a vast amount of knowledge coming from different industries such as IT, security, cyber security, business, corporate intelligence, transports, and more. We never stop updating ourselves to make sure we always keep up with modernity and innovation. Today, we’re proud to commit to providing you with the ultimate corporate & government solutions and adapt to all your ever-changing needs and demands. 


The Israeli Advantage

As an Israeli based and operated company, CEBIA associates harnesses to its operations all the accumulated know how of the well-known Israeli proven national security best practices, all developed and proven at the strategic and tactical highest levels.

Integration of vast knowledge, extensive operational experience and frequent updates allow “CEBIA & Partners” to provide its clients with the most advanced security solutions, optimally adapted to their specific needs and demands.


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