Cyber Security

Cyber security is divided into two parts: defence and offense.

On the defensive side, our cyber specialists can prevent cyber-attacks on your organization’s company servers and find any weak links or vulnerabilities on the back end of your company’s applications, websites, or infrastructure in order to prevent penetration of the system’s resources and data.

The second part is the offense. If the company’s data or commuting systems have experienced a cyber-attack, we can help lock down that attack, recover any lost data, and prevent future attacks.

Finally, our specialists are cyber specialists that can track down and follow the forensics to bring those people into Justice.

The importance of cybersecurity is to keep the company’s data and servers always protected. Those assets include:

  • ✓ Network security
  • ✓ Application security
  • ✓ Information security
  • ✓ Disaster recovery
  • ✓ Business continuity

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security and information technology security is the defense of computing systems and networks from information leaks or appropriation, hardware damage or theft, software damage, or data theft – whether stored in the cloud or on-premises– as well as from the interference or misdirection of the resources they provide.

The act of cyber security strives to protect these systems from being accessed by unauthorized users or bad actors, as well as to defend them from damage caused by malicious software and apps (malware).

Solid cyber security strategies must be put in place to prevent sensitive information from being stolen or leaked, and to ensure their integrity.


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