Private Jet Ambulance Service for Safe Medical Evacuation and Transport

Medical evacuation (Medevac) is the transportation by air of patients with serious or critical medical conditions.

CEBIA Air Ambulances Aviation Services fleet includes cutting-edge air ambulances equipped with state-of-the-art intensive care equipment, manned by experienced pilots, and serviced by skilled medical personnel on board.

With plenty of flexibility to meet all your needs, we can add any kind of equipment needed to take care of all your unique health requirements.

We will guarantee a swift and safe journey with the maximum comfort, no matter how fragile the health of the patient may be.

At CEBIA, we understand how delicate a matter medical transportation is. With no need to speak to a middleman, CEBIA Executive Medical Aviation gives you access to speak directly to our highly trained flight specialists, thus making sure that all of your individual needs are met and there are no misunderstandings.

No request is too difficult for us to meet.

From selecting the most optimal business jet available for your charter, a specific dietary menu and in-flight leisure options, to setting the right course to reach your destination safely and quickly, CEBIA Executive Aviation gives you freedom of choice and demand over even the smallest detail.

We are at your service. Ensuring your security, Safety and comfort during each and every flight is our only goal.


Ground Ambulance services

In all CEBIA medevac vehicles, patients will be accompanied and monitored constantly by highly specialized and experienced intensive care physicians and nurses.

Our skilled health care professionals can and will intervene in the event of any medical emergency to guarantee the patient’s safety during the entire journey.

All patients will be transferred with appropriately outfitted ambulances from hospital to airport and from airport to any other location once the flight is completed.

In case of seriously ill patients, we can provide comprehensive bed-to-bed services to reduce waiting times to a minimum and to ensure the best possible care during the entire journey.


COVID-19 Medical Evacuation

As the current coronavirus pandemic goes on, patients may require that they be evacuated from their location with maximum urgency.

The team at CEBIA Air Ambulances Aviation Service is always available at every hour of the day and night to provide emergency medical evacuation for subjects who have tested positive for corona virus.

If you or a loved one need a discrete and efficient means of transport, CEBIA will provide you with the best specialized medical transport in the world.


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