Corporate Facility Security and Risk Management

CEBIA’s Corporate Facility Security and Risk Management provides our clients a safe and secure environment for employees, property, and financial sectors.

We do this by using modern security management techniques for an Integrated security solution that is cost effective.

Corporate security is not just a question of protecting a corporate facility and it’s workforce from harm.

A physical or cyber attack on a major business operation could impede operations, restrict travel, disrupt supply chains, and present significant issues for the performance and survival of a multinational business.

At CEBIA we will establish an impenetrable wall of security in every corporate facility for all our clients. Our handpicked personnel boasts extensive field experience, state of the art equipment, and years of training.

Our solutions include a combination of first rate security guards, Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security surveillance services, and perimeter protection strategies to guarantee total protection at all times and in every situation.

Our extensive network of high-level contacts is the ultimate guarantee that all your facilities will never be breached.


Integrated security services

At CEBIA we strive to provide the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art security strategies to establish a fault-safe, 360-degree security ecosystem.

Our practiced strategists will assess and define all potential threats and breaches to map out any potential vulnerabilities. We will then establish the most effective customized security protocols to safeguard your organization’s critical assets.

At CEBIA, we know every organization is unique and has its own requirements. Our team will collaborate with your executive suite to develop and implement a comprehensive, bulletproof, fully integrated security strategy to create an environment of safety at both ground and intelligence levels.


Ultimate security technology

The latest security technologies employed at CEBIA will provide the foundation for an inviolable perimeter around your facility. We will make use of the best, most modern solutions for facility security, including cutting-edge CCTV camera monitoring services, AI-powered facial recognition software, and breach-proof authentication protocols.

Your facility will be protected from breaches at all levels, well beyond manned guarding. Our agents will operate from the reception and concierge levels to the most secure rooms of your building.

Mobile patrols and intruder systems will keep a vigilant eye on all your assets and will double up their efforts during events and special occasions.


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