T he GETAC X500 is the rugged flagship notebook that will provide you with the highest speed, maximum responsiveness, and huge 15.6 inches display.

Rigged with the most powerful7th generation Quad-Core processors, the X500 is a fast, reliable and endlessly expandable model for all your needs. Its most unique feature is the advanced GetacQuadraClear® display that combines proprietary technologies for screen brightness and anti-reflectivity to provide top-quality contrast without renouncing battery life.



The GETAC B360 is a rugged, highly resilient and amazingly powerful portable computer for all your tactical needs.

The B360 is a potent and strong laptop for those who want all the computing power of the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® UHD graphics. Rugged and light, the B360 is built to work reliably in the most extreme conditions. It is certified to withstand temperatures from -29°C to +63°C (-20°F to 145°F) as well as dust, rain, shock and vibration.



The GETAC S410 notebook is a lightning-speed device built to provide maximum performance, maximum mobility, maximum storage capacity, and maximum connectivity.

With super-fast data transmission and up to three batteries, theS410 is a cutting-edge semi-ruggednotebook built for agile working for those who do not want to compromise on speed and performance.



The GETAC UX10 is a versatile and rugged tablet built to deliver even in the most extreme environments.

The UX10 is fully equipped to stay always connected both indoors and outdoors and a built-in “always-on” feature. Thanks to its high-capacity battery and hot-swap bridge battery option, you will never need to power it down.



The GETAC F110 is a next-generation tablet built to combine market-leading performance and security.

The award-winning F110 redesigned rugged mobility with its large 11.6” widescreen display and paper-thin size.Its revolutionary LumiBond 2.0 touchscreen technology is durable and readable, as well as built to survive the harshest environments and conditions.


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