Local Law Enforcement & State Agencies

CEBIA security services do not stop at the corporate level. We work extensively at the national level by managing complex operations to protect the lives of citizens and ensure their safety in conjunction with law enforcement, national security and state authorities.

CEBIA and Partners Board members boast an extraordinary experience in working side by side with national authorities of various countries (such as Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, and the Far East). We are ready to confront larger threats such as organized crime, large-scale events, and international terrorism on a daily basis.


Security Consultancy Services

As the number of threats toward the civil population keeps growing, the government needs to enroll the help of the top security agencies to seamlessly ensure their safety. Due to our extensive collaborations with the ISA and Mossad, CEBIA and Partners have gained significant experience and knowledge in the implementation of protection and intelligence strategies for crucial facilities.

We provide professional security consultancy services to high level national and international decision makers as well as field training for all kinds of security personnel. The superior level of our professionals and the use of our unique advanced technology guarantees the optimal cost-benefit ratio for our clients in a broad range of different attack scenarios.


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