Polygraph Testing For New Hires

At CEBIA, we help to ensure that you contract the best employees for the job by providing the tools and staff you need to vet each candidate properly.

Despite the fact that your products or services are the heart of your company or organization, your staff is its pulse – the essential ingredient that keeps your business flowing and growing.

Contracting the right employees is essential to achieving your goals, increasing productivity, and creating a holistic, healthy, and successful company culture.

If you get a bad apple – a team member that doesn’t pull their weight, wastes resources, or even steals money, data, or organizational strategies and secrets- it can destroy your business.

To prevent the destructive and potentially expensive mistake of hiring someone who presents a danger to your organization, it is imperative that you know what to look for when hiring, handle your due diligence, conduct criminal background checks, follow up on personal and professional references, check social media accounts, and do a new- hire polygraph test.

Polygraph tests, sometimes called lie detector tests, monitor a person’s heart rate, breathing, and perspiration levels as they are asked simple questions that can only be answered with yes or no responses.


Conduct New Hire Polygraph Testing

Depending upon where your business or organization is located, and the type of organization you have, you may want to require that new hires pass a polygraph test.

CEBIA specializes in professional polygraph testing in all areas of job acceptance testing.

Before an inspection, our investigators will work with your legal team and Human Resources Department to develop an appropriate questionnaire for candidates.

There will be a number of forms to be filled out and signed by the company, as well as the employment candidate. Likewise, our team will assist your legal team in ensuring the removal of any legal liability.

Our private polygraph exams will be conducted at your organization’s office, using only the most advanced polygraph device called the Paragon Acquisition System, developed and provided by Limestone Technologies.

The right employee can make all the difference in the world to the success of your company.

A secure environment within a company requires that you can trust every one of your employees. That trust can be guaranteed only when truth is known from day one.

At CEBIA, we offer cutting-edge polygraph testing services during the pre-employment screening process, and beyond, to detect misinformation from your employee candidates or staff members.


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