Annual and Incidental Polygraph Testing

E mployers at specific types of private organizations, as well as governmental agencies, are legally allowed to administer polygraph tests to employees as an annual “check-up” or performance review.

Likewise, they may do so legally if they are suspected of being involved in an illegal workplace incident. Theft, embezzlement, corporate espionage are such examples of suspect activity that may permit the use of a polygraph test.

Government organizations and private firms that are legally permitted– in most countries– to administer such tests are the following:

  • Federal organizations, state or province- run agencies and offices, and local government agencies
  • Security firms such as alarm companies, those that employ uniformed officers, concierge or lobby security services, construction security, and executive protection agencies, among others.
  • Government technology research and development agencies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical distributors and dispensaries
  • Research and development laboratories

Industrial or corporate espionage doesn’t just happen in the movies- it is not uncommon for employees to steal information for commercial purposes.

National security, too, is one such incident where a polygraph test might be administered to a government or civil service employee.

The use of polygraph tests does come with restrictions.

An example of one such restriction would be that the organization must give formal written explanation of why the test is being conducted and obtain formal written consent from the employee.

It is important to check with your local statutes regarding administration of polygraphic testing before requiring an employee to submit to one.

Our team at CEBIA can help advise your legal time as to the proper authorization and legal procedures that must be in place before conducting such testing.

Annual polygraph

How CEBIA provides polygraph testing for organizations

Annual polygraph test- polygraph tests for employees that are working inside the company. Many companies and organizations are using annual polygraph testing to examine the employee’s work efficiency, and to make sure they are not involved in any criminal activity concerning their job position.

Such activities could involve:

  • Selling company data
  • Selling company secrets
  • Corporate espionage
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud

Our polygraph investigators will guide your organization and work together with your Human Resources Department and executive suite to develop a questionnaire that will help you get the answers your organization is looking for.

Our polygraph investigators are available on short notice. Simply reach out and make an appointment.

Your employees can be scheduled for annual testing, or, if you have a concern about an incident, you can schedule testing for when it is needed.

Our certified polygraph investigator is licensed to conduct polygraph tests anywhere in the world. our Israeli investigators are former police officers for over 30 years with extensive investigative experience, they are also a former of 8200 Unit in IDF as well as a former member of a permanent intelligence Agency.


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